al clark

The Summer of '75

A flash frame flies through your semi-conscious.

And I wonder if it’s a chunk of a lost memory.

A split second’s worth.  

Zipping through your mind and leaving just as quickly.

Leaving behind just an indiscriminate frame or two,

and no sense of importance.


Perhaps denying the truth, but overall emitting a sense of goodness and freedom and warmth and soft, sweet, flowery smells which dance and weave amongst the chatter of the birds, sending them soaring.


.......high as a kite.


And memories of great events; visits from relatives from overseas; synergistic family gatherings stretched at the seams with smiles and oxygen-starved howls of laughter.

Warm-hearted teasing building bonds between cousins.

Cracks of beer cans stippling sausage-muffled mutterings.


No anxious thoughts.

No sick to the stomach shyness.

No awkwardness.

No tension,

no worries,

no fears,

no demons.


An idyllic childhood.